At AI Certs™, our mission is to certify and empower 1 billion individuals with premier AI and Blockchain certifications. Join us in our mission to shape the AI and Blockchain industry!

ANSI National Accreditation Board

Certifying excellence with ISO 17024:2012 standards for personnel certification programs. We are actively pursuing ANAB Accreditation.

AI Certs™ crafts top-tier AI and Blockchain certifications, embodying both knowledge and mastery. Adhering to ISO 17024:2012, we assure global recognition and quality. Our global team focuses on fostering the next tech leaders, and we're devoted to bridging market demands with specialized skills.

Premier certifications tailored for AI and Blockchain specializations. Compliant with ISO 17024 Compliant Certifications, ensuring global recognition and quality.

Integrated Partnership Offerings

In this dynamic era where AI and Blockchain technologies are reshaping the digital landscape, maintaining a competitive edge is essential for organizations aiming to meet the multifaceted needs of their associates and partners. As a member of AI Certs™' Exclusive Partnership Programs (EPP), you'll secure privileged access to certification courses that are meticulously designed for AI and Blockchain. These courses align with the aspirations of industry leaders, influential figures, and adept professionals in these domains.

Seize this unparalleled opportunity to enhance and elevate the next cadre of AI and Blockchain specialists. Join us at AI Certs™ in our ambitious endeavor to set the gold standard for expertise in these groundbreaking fields!

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Core values

We continuously evolve to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring our certifications resonate with the latest technological advancements.
Our success stems from our valued collaborations, emphasizing a partner-centric approach to offer unmatched educational journeys.
Learner - Centric
We are dedicated to a learner-centric culture, fostering unity among students, teachers, and tech enthusiasts, promoting shared progress and success


AI Certs™ is unwavering in our commitment to defending our intellectual property.

We are steadfast in safeguarding our trademarks and the unique certification names that define our brand. Here, you will find a comprehensive list of our trademarked certification names