Why AI Certs™

AI Certs™ Value Proposition

  1. 1. Social Impact and Global Vision: AI Certs™ aims to certify and train a billion people, leveraging education to create a better world. We pledge 10% of our yearly profits to construct schools for underprivileged children, embodying our commitment to societal betterment through education.

  2. 2. Comprehensive AI Certification™ Portfolio: Our offerings are unparalleled, covering a broad spectrum of AI certifications™ for everyday jobs (AI+ Sales™, AI+ Marketing™, AI+ Finance™, etc.), technology roles (AI+ Data™, AI+ Cloud™, AI+ Security™, etc.), and future-oriented careers (AI+ Ethicist™, AI+ Prompt Engineer™, AI+ Computer Vision™, etc.).

  3. 3. Pioneering in AI and Blockchain Convergence: AI Certs™ stands out as the only educational and certification entity that has innovatively intertwined AI with Blockchain technology in our program designs, placing us at the forefront of tech education.

  4. 4. Innovative Certification Testing: We are disrupting the certification testing sector with our AI and Blockchain-based proctoring applications (Proctoring 365™), setting new standards for credibility and integrity in online certifications.

  5. 5. Expertise-Driven Team: Our strength lies in our seasoned team, possessing deep expertise in AI, Blockchain, education technology, learning, and the education industry, ensuring that our offerings are grounded in experience and knowledge.

  6. 6. Extensive Network of Subject Matter Experts: With access to over 1000 SMEs specializing in AI and Blockchain, our courses are continually enriched with cutting-edge industry insights, ensuring relevance and up-to-date knowledge.

  7. 7. Industry Recognition and Validation: Our demand and reputation are validated by leading AI players like Microsoft, Google, AWS, and top academic and training institutions, underscoring the quality and impact of our certifications.


AI Certs™ is unwavering in our commitment to defending our intellectual property.

We are steadfast in safeguarding our trademarks and the unique certification names that define our brand. Here, you will find a comprehensive list of our trademarked certification names